[wedding] amy + james

We shared about James & Amy’s story previously. These two are absolutely heroes in my book.


We weren’t sure when Amy would be feeling well enough to…well, get married so we blocked out a few weekends for them just in case.  On the second morning, I received the call from James and I just knew today was the day.


“Hey Laura! Guess what! I’m getting married today.”


It’s weddings like this one that remind us why we love our job so much.  The love poured out to these two was incredible to witness. At a moment’s notice, everyone gathered to prepare this special day for them and everything went perfectly.  We are so honored to have been part of this day.  Love never fails.



  • Beautiful pictures of a wonderful celebration! said:

    Love you tons! Aunt Sheri

  • James and Amy, said:

    Awww, these are beautiful! I can tell it was a perfect day! So happy for both of you! Love, Denise, Darryl and Emily

  • Rebecca Schlender said:

    I LOVE your photos! You are soo beautiful Amy! I am so glad you had a wonderful wedding!! It looks like you married an amazing man!

  • Christie Curtis said:

    What beautiful pictures! As one of James's professors, I know how much prayer was invested in this day. May God be glorified in their blessed union.

  • Kathleen Bassillo said:

    Very creative photos, but so much life in them.

    You did a beautiful job, and being so flexible with your scheduling for Amy was a blessing.